UQMSA Sponsorship Volunteer Recruitment Drive 2017

Hello everyone! It is almost the end of the semester soon and we are all surely stressed with exam preparations but don’t forget to take time off to relax, do some exercise: go for a walk, a run or a swim! Our Annual Sponsorship Drive is back and we are recruiting volunteers! We need you, yes you, the person reading this post! Have you ever looked at your membership card and wondered how we get these restaurants or shops to give us discounts? Or are you just curious on how sponsorships from companies works? Or are you looking for an opportunity to improve your conveying and negotiating skills? Well, wait no more! The Sponsorship Drive allows volunteers to work behind the scene to approach business owners and corporates to negotiate potential sponsorship deals. Volunteers will also be able to enhance their skills that will be very useful when they enter the working world. And if you are worried that you will be looking for sponsors alone, fret not! We are going to work as a group to look for sponsors, so it will be fun and productive! You will also be making new friends along the way, isn’t that a bonus? All volunteers will be entitled to a FREE UQMSA membership of Year 2018 and a FREE UQMSA T-shirt! (SO MUCH FREE GOODIES!!) What are you waiting for? Sign up now!!! **You must help out and be involved until mid December to be entitled the FREE goodies** There will be a BRIEFING SESSION for all registered volunteers where we will explain more about how the sponsorship drive works and your respective roles and responsibilities. The details of the briefing are as follow: Sponsorship Drive Briefing Session: Date: 20th of November (Monday) Time: 11.00am-1.00pm Venue: ELCX Hawken Engineering Building (50) To be part of the Sponsorship Drive, it is required that you are available during the summer (i.e. at least until mid-end of December 2017). You will also be required to do a fair amount of traveling (i.e. to Toowong/ Brisbane City / Sunny Bank / Indooroopilly / West End / Woolloongabba etc.) Please do note that there will NOT be any reimbursements for transport expenses. Should you be interested, please sign up by the 18th of November (Saturday) through the following link: http://l.uqmsa.org/sponsorship2017 Attendance to the briefing is highly encouraged, so do inform us if you’re unable to make it so that we could make plans to brief you at a later time.The sponsorship drive is also a very good opportunity to improve and make the club better not only for yourself but also for every member. Thanks again and good luck with exams!